Project Three

Expressionist Literature explored feelings of anxiety, insanity and persecution.
Expressionist writers used monologues and abstraction in their work, making it conceptual rather than concrete, with plots and characters that are frequently symbolic and allegorical.
The protagonist often pours out their woes in long monologues couched in a concentrated, elliptical, almost telegrammatic language. Their inner development is explored through a series of loosely linked tableaux, or “stations,” during which he revolts against traditional values and seeks a higher spiritual vision of life.
A prominent expressionist writer, who is still reknowned today is Franz Kakfa, famous for his book the Metamorphosis. The book tells the story of a salesman Gregor Samsa, who wakes one morning to find himself transformed into a huge insect and subsequently struggles to adjust to this new condition.
Gregor sustains injuries from his family and resorts to living discretely in his room while taking very little food. He eventually dies from starvation, his family goes on a short trip to celebrate.