Project Four

Wassily Kandinsky
"That when he wished to feed / the thick white comb renounced the pinkbird."
George Grosz
" We contain all the passions / and all the vices / and all the suns and stars, / chasms and heights, trees, animals, forests, streams. / This is what we are. "
"They had buried me. I heard them say I was dead. But as the shiver of resurrection went through the earth and the floods of the eternity reached me with their starless blue days I woke up in the light of your eyes and called, called your name soundlessly." - René Schickele
Georg Heym is a prominent Expressionist, known for his countless stunning poems on war and the city, especially in the collection Umbra vitae. .
August Stramm, considered to be one of the first of the expressionists, was a German poet and playwright . He also served in the German Army and was killed in action during World War I before the onset of his recognition.